More pics released for Game of Thrones' upcoming seventh season

No one's more excited to eat from George R.R. Martin's cookbook and watch the seventh season of GAME OF THRONES than me. For one, it's exciting to see Winter finally coming, with all the familiar faces of our favorite characters back again. But also I have a bet going on about the endgame, and I feel pretty confident about mine (Hodor survived the attack and shares the throne with Gendry.) Money's as good as mine.

Anyway, with the latest season just around the corner, HBO has released some new photos to Entertainment Weekly. Now let's take a look:

Pretty sweet. I honestly can't decide what enjoyed seeing more - that huge ass dragon about to fuck shit up, or Brienne finally smiling (even though that's most likely just a behind-the-scenes shot of actress Gwendoline Christie, it's still nice to see). This all honestly just makes me more excited for the new season. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, Winter is finally coming July 16th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you Schmoes think will sit on the Iron Throne? Or, conversely, do you think the Iron Throne will still matter at the end?
Source: EW



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