More self-referential jokes from Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in this new clip for Scary Movie 5

Scary Movie 5

With a seven year gap between films four and five and the similiar parody A HAUNTED HOUSE just released not too long ago, I can't help but think this may be the last film we see in the SCARY MOVIE franchise for a while. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking. These films usually have a reasonable budget so we could be seeing SCARY MOVIE 6 through 37 until the day we die but I'm hoping that there will be such little interest in SCARY MOVIE 5 that the franchise is finally put out of its misery. The films have become lazier each time around and if there's one thing I can't stand in a spoof it is when the movie just expects people to laugh at a reference to whatever it is lampooning instead of making a joke (that's actually funny) built AROUND the reference.

So while I'm glad to see Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan poking fun at themselves in this new clip it's nothing new or unexpected or even that funny. Not when you compare it to James Franco and company having some fun at each other's expense in the trailers for THIS IS THE END. Can we talk about that instead of SCARY MOVIE 5? Please?

You might have smiled a couple of times as you watched the clip but did it make you feel good inside? I doubt it.

Also starring Ashley Tisdale, Jerry O'Connell, Molly Shannon, Chris Elliot, Mike Tyson, and Snoop Whatever, SCARY MOVIE 5 is set to torture our eyes and ears once again on April 12th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Although it isn't a parody I think THE BIG HIT is an excellent spoof on some of the late 90s action movies. Sure it's suppose to be a comedy but if you watch it as a straight up parody it makes the film even funnier.



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