More Shia in Imax

Tired of seeing Shia LaBeouf in such tiny formats? Need your Shia at least six stories high? Well you're in luck. Two of Shia's upcoming films - TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN and Y: THE LAST MAN - are looking to shoot using Imax cameras. TRANSFORMERS director Michael Bay has shot three scenes for the upcoming sequel with the Imax camera, which uses 70mm film (as opposed to the 35mm used in traditional film). DJ Caruso also said that he intends to use a Imax camera for Y: THE LAST MAN and Jon Favreau has been talking about it for IRON MAN 2. All this comes after the success of THE DARK KNIGHT where Christopher Nolan used the Imax cameras to film six scenes including the dynamic "bank heist" opening. While using Imax cameras costs the studios more, it increases attendance at Imax screenings where studios can charge more money (i.e., TDK has grossed $60 million just from Imax theaters). TRANSFORMERS 2 will hit traditional and Imax theaters on June 26th while shooting news on Y: THE LAST MAN and IRON MAN 2 is still to come.

Extra Tidbit: The first live-action Hollywood movie converted to Imax was APOLLO 13.
Source: Variety



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