More tidbits about the story of the new Twin Peaks series revealed


As content as I am that I'm finally going to be getting some damn fine pie soon, I've realized that with 25 years since first visiting TWIN PEAKS, things have certainly changed. Sometimes drastically. While before everything was settled in the town of TWIN PEAKS, it seems now there are many happenings going on all around the United States, outside the titular town - most likely converging climatically. That's certainly a change of pace.

Not only that, but it seems there isn't some big inciting incident - like the murder of Laura Palmer - that's set things in motion. Indeed, it seems I should be prepared for everything to be quite different. While apprehensive, I'm sure that's ultimately going to be a good thing.

And while I'm excited to be seeing old friends, I am also just as excited to meeting a lot of new people. Apparently there will be over 200 that will be involved in the situation in some way. That's certainly a lot of handshakes.

Finally, it seems my old friend - the hearing-impaired FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole - is going to be prominent in my new investigation. So that's always a plus, though I do fear being over-exposed to him. But I ultimately trust Cole, so I don't think I have much to worry about.

And, before I go, it seems rumors are flying I might see you in person Diane. If true, that would certainly be swell! Maybe you can finally see for yourself why I'm addicted to those damn pies! I can't get them out of my mind, Diane. I may need help... 

Meanwhile, I'll finally be back in TWIN PEAKS May 21st, 2017.

Over and out.

Extra Tidbit: David Lynch (who plays Agent Cole) also acted as a "talk show coach" to Louis CK in his FX show LOUIE.
Source: Variety



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