Morgan for Bond 23

Peter Morgan Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have scripted the last four James Bond adventures so it's a no-brainer that MGM and EON would contract them once again for the upcoming third in the Daniel Craig-era Bond films. This time around, however, they've also brought FROST/NIXON scribe Peter Morgan on board possibly to give the film a more prescient and political touch. Whatever their reason, this is good news for the franchise since Morgan is one hell of a writer, not only having written the Oscar nominated FROST/NIXON but also the critically acclaimed THE QUEEN and THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. Also new this time around is that MGM now has full control of the franchise. They'd previously shared the property and distribution with Sony but now they're going solo so they don't have to share the sweet box office cheese with anyone. No production start date has been given to the 23rd Bond flick but it'll likely be released sometime in 2011.

Extra Tidbit: Morgan's upcoming feature directorial debut THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP is somewhat of a sequel to THE QUEEN in that it chronicles Tony Blair's relationship with Bill Clinton. Michael Sheen will reprise his QUEEN role as Blair with Dennis Quaid playing Clinton.
Source: THR



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