Morgan in Red Dawn

Morgan as The Comedian

As much as I hate to remind myself that someone's remaking RED DAWN, I have to admit Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a perfect match for a "young" Powers Boothe, so having that dude come on board as the mentor to the kids is somewhat good news.

Talking to the folks of Coming Soon, Morgan not only confirmed his involvement in the film for the part Boothe played in the original, but downright confessed his ecstasy in having nabbed that role. "I just love that f**king movie, ever since I was a kid," Morgan enthused. "I guess I'm more or less the old Powers Boothe character, I'll be the old guy in it, which is cool."

The actor tries to comfort us all by referring to rookie director Dan Bradley as "the real thing" and "A real good action director". I like Morgan and trust him if he gives the director thumbs up, but...not convinced about the whole thing still. What does everybody else think?

Extra Tidbit: Here's a thought: Morgan as Green Arrow. With blond hair and beard, of course.
Source: Coming Soon



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