Morgans Trailer

Hugh and JSP in MORGANS

Columbia must've liked what Hugh Grant and director Marc Lawrence did with MUSIC & LYRICS and TWO WEEKS NOTICE, since they're putting the duo's next rom-com smack dab in December, 2 weeks before Christmas.

Nothing against Grant, but you'd think the guy would at least TRY to do something else instead of just collecting paychecks to re-do the same film over and over. I can't say I've been interested in anything he's done since the very cool ABOUT A BOY in 2002.

Grant's new formulaic flick DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS pairs him with Carrie Bradshaw herself as an estranged wealthy couple whose divorce is put on hold when they're sent off in the witness protection program after being on the front row of a murder. Sam Elliott and Mary Steenburgen round up the cast. Until winter brings the movie in theaters, here's the brand new trailer for your greatest viewing pleasure.

Extra Tidbit: Whose big toe did Grant step on to be one of the very few Brit A-listers NOT invited to Hogwarts? Or did HE snob them?
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