Morrison in Area 51

Influential and occasionally controversial comic veteran Grant Morrison has been writing for the printed format for longer than many of this site's readers have existed in flesh, but he's just now making his way to feature films.

Paramount has grabbed Morrison to write their sci-fi action flick AREA 51, an adaptation of Midway's recent first-person shooter videogames (whose lead character was voiced by David Duchovny). The story, set in the titular secret military base, is about "a hazardous materials specialist who is called in to investigate a viral outbreak that could be extraterrestrial in nature." Hmmm... could be extraterrestrial? I think the title might squash the mystery there... The creatures come from Stan Winston Studios, so at least the beasties will be neat.

While a little more mainstream than much of Morrison's dizzyingly bizarre output, AREA 51's conspiracy angle alone should give him plenty to chew. Besides his loony work on titles like THE FILTH, FLEX MENTALLO and THE INVISIBLES, Morrison has written everything from JLA to BATMAN to X-MEN. His original series WE3, about household pets transformed into cybernetic killing machines, is also in the works as a feature film.
Extra Tidbit: Morrison alleged that THE MATRIX swiped significantly from his DC/Vertigo comic serires THE INVISIBLES.
Source: Variety



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