Mortal Engines from producer Peter Jackson gets release date

Man, I love me some Peter Jackson. I appreciate his ability to transition from splatter films and borderline puppet porn to Oscar-winning dramas and Oscar-winning fantasy epics. I even have a super soft spot for his KING KONG remake (some spotty effects aside, that movie is f*cking awesome).

Now he's producing a new film called MORTAL ENGINES, based on a series of young adult sci-fi novels. It will be directed by first-time (but long-time collaborator of Jackson's) Christian Rivers. Here's the synopsis:

Set in a world many thousands of years in the future, Earth’s cities now roam the globe on huge wheels, devouring each other in a struggle for ever diminishing resources. On one of these massive Traction Cities, Tom Natsworthy has an unexpected encounter with a mysterious young woman from the Outlands who will change the course of his life forever.

Man, that plot sounds batshit in the best possible way! I can just imagine the amazing visuals and over-the-top action sequences already. And, hell, the last time Jackson produced something for a first-time director, we got the awesome DISTRICT 9 (which is starting to get a re-evaluation after director Neil Blomkamp's later - and less than great - films, but that's bullshit, because DISTRICT 9 is still f*cking rad). Either way, I am pumped!

But it seems, due to the sheer size of the project, that we might have to wait for a bit before it's released. Universal, the studio behind the film, has just announced that the release date for the film will be December 14th, 2018. Lame.

But what about you Schmoes? You guys excited for this film? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: This is the first time that Walsh, Boyens and Jackson have written a project that Jackson has not directed.



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