UPDATE: Mortal Kombat webseries' Baraka, feature film status, and Episode 2 now online

UPDATE: The second episode of MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY is now online, and you can find it HERE. The first episode can be seen HERE.

Anyone who plunked quarters into arcade cabinets and/or pounded on buttons and buddies on console versions of the MORTAL KOMBAT videogames will probably be somewhat familiar with the ugly dude up there -- that 's the online webseries' version of Baraka, the needle-toothed, blade-armed Outworlder from the game series.

When the live-action short film MORTAL KOMBAT - REBIRTH appeared online last summer and proved to be massively popular, Warner Bros. gave the director Kevin Tancharoen (who also made the recent FAME reboot) some bucks and about a month worth of shooting time to continue "re-imagining" the franchise as a nine-part webseries called MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY.

The carnage-loving gamers who first grooved to Tancharoen's vision are still pressing play -- the first episode already has well over 5 million views, and the game's fans have already seen versions of Jax, Kano, Stryker and Sonya Blade, with other faves like Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub Zero and Smiley up there still on the way.

But will this success online translate to bigger things? The entire series (which will total around 100 minutes) will eventually be collected for DVD and possibly television, but where's a new movie, preferably budgeted at more than the $2 million webseries? "This whole thing has really been a right-place-at-the-right-time kind of situation," Tancharoen told the NY Times. "And we still haven’t gotten the green light to do a full movie, so we still have work to do."

Until those fatalities get performed in theaters, you'll have the latest digital iteration to keep you busy -- the new MORTAL KOMBAT game gets your console bloody this week.

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