Mother's Day cast

Jaime King, Alexa Vega, Briana Evigan, Shawn Ashmore and Matt O'Leary have signed on to star in MOTHER'S DAY, the upcoming horror remake directed by Darren Bousman. While the original film followed three women who are terrorized by two lunatics looking to impress their equally insane mother, the remake will instead take place at a vacation home where the deranged family used to live. JoBlo.com favorite King will play a wife who lost her child and is using the house to isolate herself. Ashmore and Evigan will play guests staying at the house who will presumably make themselves easy targets for the killers. O'Leary joins Deborah Ann Woll ass members of the fucked-up family. Bousman hasn't revealed yet who will be playing the titular mother but might I suggest either Louise Fletcher or Ellen Burstyn (Bousman previously hinted on Twitter that he was talking to "an academy award winner and multiple nominee")? Let's get classy up in here. Filming on MOTHER'S DAY is expected to begin next month in Winnipeg with a Mother's Day 2010 release planned.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of Winnipeg, can I have a moment of silence for the defunct Jets?
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