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This morning featured an absolutely fascinating, if not frightening, article from Michael Fleming in Variety.  The report was all about sequel fever and the projects in different stages of sequel development.  There were mentions of sequels you've likely heard of (MEET THE FOCKERS, FAST AND THE FURIOUS 2, INDIANA JONES 4) and ones you never thought, even in your wildest nightmares, could happen (SEVEN 2, OCEAN'S TWELVE).  That's right.  OCEAN'S-fucking-TWELVE.  Expect the moon to turn blood red and the seas to be boiling by sometime this evening.  For those without access to Variety's online service, I'll do a quick recap of the sequels:

OCEAN'S TWELVE - WB has "quietly commissioned" original OCEAN'S (the original remake not the original film) writer Ted Griffin to write a sequel with the above title.  This is apparently in the very early stages of development so there is no real hint of a plot, although more heisty hijinks is assumed.   No word on whether any of the original talent will return but I'm sure Scott Caan is available.

INDIANA JONES 4 - George Lucas came up with the storyline that everyone loved and Paramount is itching to get production on the film started in 2004.  The next step is getting a writer everyone can agree on to adapt Lucas's idea into a full-fledged script.  Lucas, Spielberg and Harrison Ford seemed to have agreed on Academy Award winning writer Tom Stoppard (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE) but his prior engagements may take him off the market.

SEVEN 2 - Besides OCEAN'S 12, probably the worst idea I've heard all year.  New Line is actually hoping to get Morgan Freeman to return (I'm guessing Brad Pitt is off in some asylum somewhere) in more serial killer chasing adventures.  Their plan is to actually take an existing script, for a film called SOLACE, and adapt it to the world of SEVEN.  The SOLACE script follows a psychic cop who tracks a psychic serial killer so does this mean Freeman's character in SEVEN was a psychic?  Wouldn't that have been a pretty quick movie if he was?  Freeman hasn't committed and it's HIGHLY unlikely Fincher would return.  And I can almost guarantee Gwyneth isn't returning.

AMERICAN PIE 3 - More sexy/drunken/gross misadventures of the PIE gang could take this franchise into MEATBALLS territory.  Writer Adam Herz has been hired to pen a script and it's likely they'll focus on one or two specific characters with the chances of getting the entire cast to return - again - will be tough and/or expensive.

MEET THE FOCKERS - Along with INDY 4, one of the only sequels listed here I'm actually interested in.  Chris and Paul Weitz (AMERICAN PIE, ABOUT A BOY) have come aboard to rewrite the current draft and Universal is trying to get Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro and director Jay Roach to commit to this film as their next project.  No word on who will play Mr. and Mrs. Focker but may I suggest Al Pacino as the Mr.?...

FAST AND THE FURIOUS 2 - Vin Diesel, the current king of the sequel, is reportedly asking for $20 million to star in FATF 2.  He asked for, and got, $12.5 million for his other sequel THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK (or PITCH BLACK 2).   Universal is determined to make this film with or without Diesel as they already have a contingency script that doesn't include his character.

Add to all that THE THOMAS CROWNE AFFAIR 2, MISS CONGENIALITY 2, BLADE 3, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3, SPIDER-MAN 2 and countless other sequels in the works, it's getting harder and harder to find an original movie these days.  But sequels are a part of life and any number of the above listed films may never make it to the screen.  One can only hope someone will squash OCEAN'S 12 or SEVEN 2 before it's too late.

Source: Variety
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