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We ran a similar promotion for MOVIEMAKER magazine a while back and it was a massive success, so today, the folks behind one of the top filmmaking mags in the world has returned to JoBlo.com to offer its readers yet another deal on an annual subscription. For those who don't know about MOVIEMAKER, its tagline says a lot about its mission: the art of business and making movies. I've been a subscriber to MOVIEMAKER for a long time now and always thought it was an excellent "mature" and straight forward movie magazine that dare not dish about celebrity gossip or plaster its pages with pictures of hotties (that's what we're here for!), but rather, concentrate on what it takes to get real motion pictures made! (in particular, independent movies, that both you and I can actually make!) Not to mention their exhaustive interviews with top talent, like their latest issue which featured interviews with Terry Gilliam and NEW MOON director Chris Weitz.

Today, JoBlo.com along with MOVIEMAKER magazine is giving all of our site readers the opportunity to receive an annual subscription to the magazine (6 issues) for only $8.95 (more than 75% off the newsstand price!). We're not sure how long this promo will last though, so if interested, just CLICK HERE, fill in your info and get ready to enjoy an excellent movie magazine all year long...

Note: There will be additional shipping charges for non-U.S. Subscribers—an extra $3.00 for Canadian subscribers, and an extra $8.00 for international subscribers.

Source: JoBlo.com



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