Mr. Show with Bob & David returns in this Netflix teaser

Those of who rocked HBO in the 90s are probably familiar with Mr. Show with Bob & David, the sketch comedy series starring Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. As is the popular thing to do these days, the show is getting a bit of a revival on Netflix. Entitled With Bob & David and featuring much of the same writing team as Mr. Show, this upcoming Netflix series will consist of four half-hour episodes plus an hour-long making-of special. Get a taste of the shenanigans with the first teaser below!

The upcoming series has been described as "lighter", "less complex" and "faster", but I think we'll all get our money's worth with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross working together again. I won't say that it their show was the best sketch comedy had to offer, but it definitely had its moments. I'm happy to see they've found a home with a network where censoring won't be an issue, too. Bring on the funny!

W/ Bob & David will hit Netflix on November 13, 2015.

Source: Netflix



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