MTV is coming to the big screen courtesy of Brett Ratner

There was a time when MTV was the biggest medium for pop culture. Teenagers talked about it endlessly and it pioneered a change in the way movies and music were marketed to the world. Then came Facebook.

So, it should come as no surprise then that if they were able to successfully translate a book about the creation of Facebook to an award winning film then the story of MTV would warrant the same treatment.

Brett Ratner is currently in talks with Sony to adapt the book "I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution" by Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum. Currently Ratner is only attached to produce but there is always the possibility he may direct as well.

I did not think they would be able to make a very good movie out of the book THE SOCIAL NETWORK was based on, but they did one hell of a job.  It always helps having Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher to ensure a quality picture.  Brett Ratner is certainly no David Fincher.  But, Ratner does come from a music video background, so that may work in his favor.

The only question that I have is the format of the movie.  Will it be treated as a biopic for the network and feature actors portraying the various VJs and celebrity musicians or would it be better to follow a fictional character through the creation of the channel and have them observe the different historic events?

More as the story develops. Check out the image below for the original five MTV VJs. If you can name at least three, you are probably as old as me.

Extra Tidbit: I am the same age as MTV. I remember watching Liquid Television, 120 Minutes, and full-length music videos. Ah, memories.
Source: Variety



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