Mud star Tye Sheridan to headline horror-comedy Scouts vs Zombies

Paramount's horror-comedy SCOUTS VS ZOMBIES has now found the first member of the troop to battle the undead. Tye Sheridan, who starred opposite Matthew McConaughey in last year's MUD, will star in the film for director Christopher Landon. Sheridan is also recognizable for his role in THE TREE OF LIFE and David Gordon Green's upcoming JOE.

If you are confused on what SCOUTS VS ZOMBIES is about, then I think you may be over-analyzing the title of the project.

The story centers on three high school Boy Scouts who must use their skills to battle vicious zombies after their small town faces a zombie outbreak. Sheridan will play the budding honors student who is handsome and athletic but doesn't know it yet, still lacking the confidence needed to talk to girls he likes.

No other roles have been announced for the film which is slated to begin shooting this May. Zombies seem to be on the verge of saturating the movies but I am always open to unique takes on the genre like this one. The question that remains is whether this will be a teen-centric movie that can be enjoyed along the lines of THE GOONIES or even THE MONSTER SQUAD or if it will be a hard R-rated movie for adults. Either way, consider me intrigued.

SCOUTS VS ZOMBIES has no current release date.



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