Mulder & Scully return in trailer for X-Files season 11

The X-FILES made its return to TV with the tenth season in 2016, and though not critically adored still managed to bring in fans of the original series in droves, warranting a season 11. The first trailer for the new season is here, and FILES nerds everywhere in seeing Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) back at it again, this time against a world-ending threat that involves the son of the famed duo. Creepy shit runs in the family, I guess.

The storyline will pick up directly where the last season left off and will have ten episodes (up from six in season 10), with two mythology episodes and eight standalone shows. After the tenth season aired there was no official word on if it would return for some time until April of this year it was announced that a season 11 would air. Chances are we may have to wait a bit to see if there will be 12 seasons, but for now, fans have at least one more season of Mulder and Scully adventures to bask in.

X-FILES season 11 debuts in January 2018.

Source: Fox
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