Murphy meets Freud

Brittany Murphy has signed on to star in the upcoming adaptation of the classic DM Thomas novel THE WHITE HOTEL. In the film Murphy would star as the famous study of Sigmund Freud, Anna G., as she and Freud attempt to cure her of hysteria and psychosomatic pain while uncovering her odd gift at predicting the future. At different times Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Isabella Rossellini and Nicole Kidman all circled the role that Murphy has now won. And David Lynch and David Cronenberg at one time were attached to direct but now Simon Monjack, writer/director of the tepid British film TWO DAYS, NINE LIVES. Not sure how we went from a possible Nicole Kidman/David Cronenberg film to a Brittay Murphy/Simon Monjack film, but here we are. To her credit, Murphy is actually getting quite a bit of kudos for her performance in THE DEAD GIRL. She's also been heard in HAPPY FEET and is lending her voice to the title character in the upcoming Disney animated film TINKERBELL. Filming on HOTEL is expected to begin next spring in Vienna.



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