Music video director Hype Williams to helm the Joe Eszterhas erotic thriller Lust

Screenwriter Joe Eszeterhas was the guy behind Paul Verhoeven's classic erotic thriller BASIC INSTINCT, but he was also the guy responsible for Verhoeven's classic abomination SHOWGIRLS. Hype Williams - music video director for guys like Kanye West and Busta Rhymes - has one Hollywood feature under his belt. Unfortunately, that film is BELLY. This does not bode well.

According to Variety, Eszeterhas has written a new erotic thriller called LUST and Williams will be taking its helm. Packing a $28 million budget, the story will center "on a 30-year-old woman married to an older Miami-based magazine publisher. The woman is seduced by a younger, charming playboy -- who secretly videotapes himself and his new lover having sex, leading to the woman's life unraveling."

Producer Peter J. Fruchtman adds, "[Hype's] always been able to make everything he does sexy and hip, which is what we need." Misogyny via fish-eye lenses then!

Casting for LUST is now underway with production expected to begin in November.
Extra Tidbit: Hype's real name is 'Harold'.
Source: Variety



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