My Bloody sequel

MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D Those malevolent fiends at "Arrow in the Head" recently strapped electrical probes to MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D director Patrick Lussier's nuts and kindly asked him about his plans for an upcoming sequel. Here's a little of what he had to say:

The sequel that we wanted to do is a stronger story than the original. Even though you know who the killer is, it has twists and turns that you don’t expect, even knowing who the killer is. There is a whole, kind of, getting into his mythology of how he became what he became. And then using that, you discover that… there are things that are eluded to in the first one that you don’t have all the answers for. Particularly with the killer going to psychiatric institute and how did he get let out of that facility…

Oooh, going origin on our asses, are we? Quick question, though? Do we get to see Jaime King (who starred in the first) nekkid? You know, because it'll totally be an organic part of the story and be very artistic or whatever? Read more of what he had to say over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: MY BLOODY VALENTINE scribe Todd Farmer also wrote JASON X.
Source: AITH



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