Myers as Cat in the Hat

A CAT IN THE HAT feature film has long been in the making.  Imagine Entertainment, the same people who had success with another Dr. Suess adaptation THE GRINCH, have been developing the project with a number of different writers for a number of different years.  One of the major problems plaguing the production was finding a suitable star to play the inimitable Cat.  Tim Allen had long been attached, but he recently announced he was no longer on the project and was moving on to film THE SANTA CLAUSE 2.  Since then, there have been no major rumors as to who could be starring, but a scooper to Coming Attractions claims to have some inside knowledge.  They say that Mike Myers is currently (and quietly) negotiating to star in the film.

Here's where I'm not so sure what to think of this rumor.  Remember the whole DIETER disaster of 2000?  Where Imagine Entertainment and Mike Myers traded verbal barbs and high-priced lawsuits?  While the settlement of that disaster stated that Myers and Imagine were to work together again, it also stipulated that a) it would be an original character to be created by Myers and b) it would be a co-production between DreamWorks and Universal.  I'm not so sure Imagine and Universal would want to bring DreamWorks in on a project they've been developing for so long.  Besides, after all the venom spewed during the DIETER scandal, I can imagine these folks (Imagine and Myers) wouldn't want to work together besides the one project settled upon in court.  And would they let Myers work on this project before he created their "original" comedy?  All interesting questions...The scoop certainly could be true and I'm not saying it's not (I have no knowledge either way).   I'm just not 100% on this yet.  Let's wait and see what develops over the course of a few days.

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