Myers back? Seriously?

We've heard all the talk and rumors about Mike Myers supposedly getting ready to make his big comeback after not starring in a funny movie since AUSTIN POWERS 1. Unfortunately nothing was really happening and people (nay, me) were beginning to doubt anything would ever happen. Spoon some cautious optimism on your corn flakes this morn though cause it looks like Paramount is moving ahead with Myers' next film. The studio has hired Marco Schnabel to direct Myers in an untitled film that would have him starring as another character creation, Pitka. Myers has been working on the character for over a year now and might be finally ready to transition the Indian guru to the screen. The film will follow the knee-slapping hilarity that ensues when a couple hires Pitka to help them with their relationship woes. As you might expect (and I can already hear Trailer Guy saying), they got more than they bargained for. Pitka flick will be the directorial debut for Schnabel who worked with Myers on the AUSTIN POWERS films (and a note to all you struggling Hollywood so-and-sos, he started out as a PA). Paramount is planning a summer 2008 release, which means filming would begin late summer/early fall.

Extra Tidbit: As the years go on SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER gets funnier and funnier.
Source: Variety



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