Myers clean look

You've seen brief flashes of him in the trailers for HALLOWEEN 2, but Rob Zombie has just released this shot which shows Tyler Mane in full Myers costume in perfectly adequate lighting.

I mean, I certainly wouldn’t want to run into him….uh, anywhere, but he just doesn’t seem that imposing. Instead he sort of looks like a theater actor who’s down on his luck and is trying to make ends meet as a garbageman. To be fair, I don’t fault Zombie for this. I’ve always viewed Myers as significantly less terrifying than Freddy, Jason or hell, even Norman Bates, who was scarier wearing a dress and a wig.

Zombie also had this to say about the movie, in typical Zombie fashion, “Holy shit dudes there are only five more days until Halloween 2 hits a screen near you! Are you going or what? If so drag a friend who hates to be scared. It's time to fuck up your nice friends…This sucker is brutal. I promise."

Glad to know that “brutal” is still the quality Zombie desires most in his movies, I was worried for a second he might be focusing on making them “good.”

Extra Tidbit: With some red hair dye and a fresh set of overalls, he'd be a super-sized version of Chucky.
Source: JoBlo



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