MyJoBlo.com updates!

Just wanted to update everyone on the latest additions to our cool little movie community on the Web called MyJoBlo.com (sue me, I'm unoriginal), which after a successful launch last year (successful because nobody successfully sued us), recently added the following tweaks to its infrastructure. Incidentally, we're gonna be "upgrading" our community's look in the next little while, losing the clunkier MySpace.com look and streamlining all your stuff into more of a "Facebook feel" (like I said, sue me, I'm unoriginal). But before that happens, check into the new stuff!


The AFI has their list, the IMDB has their top 250 list and now JoBlo.com's readers will be taking part in the largest community movie list on the Web (15 different categories so far). With close to 40,000 members already signed up, and everyone's votes counting equally, you know we're gonna have some cool-ass movies on our lists, since they come from your picks! (you can see some of the current TOPS below -- they change, as your picks change over time).

The way it works is easy: everyone with a profile set up on MyJoBlo.com (register HERE, you're missing out!) can fill in their own TOP 20 favorites in a variety of categories like "Favorite Comedy", "Favorite Director", "Favorite Hottie", "Favorite Sci-Fi", etc... Those lists will be shown in your own profile, but will also count as "votes" toward our COMMUNITY LISTS which will add up every single member's personal votes, and add them up to reflect most people's favorites on our lists. Some of the TOP PICKS are already very interesting, check 'em out right below. Go FIGHT CLUB!!! And yeah, as you can see, this ain't your AFI lists, boys and chicks.

Each #1 vote on any of your lists counts as 20 points toward that corresponding community list. Each #2 vote on any of your lists counts as 19 points toward that corresponding community list... -->. Each #20 vote on any of your lists counts as 1 point toward that corresponding community list. You can see some of the community lists HERE, or check out an example of one member's picks (namely, me!!!), click HERE (I haven't filled them all out yet, cut me some slack Jack).


For about a year now, members of our MyJoBlo.com community have been posting their own reviews into their profiles (where they are saved in your own profile archives), and now you can search and browse through our COMMUNITY REVIEW ARCHIVES list, which houses everyone's reviews in one easy-to-use section. There are close 1000 REVIEWS there already, and you can browse by MOVIE TITLE or AUTHOR (the username of the member who wrote the review). Who knows, maybe there's another "JoBlo" out there, waiting to take over my nacho-filled lap...whatever that means.


We also added the ability to VOTE for each IMAGE uploaded into any member's profile, as well as the ability to COMMENT on said pic, EMAIL said pic to a friend or jerk off to said pic later that very evening.

We also listened to your suggestions to improve some of the site's functionalities, so now you can pick your TOP FRIENDS on the front of your profile page (whilst shunning the others), and you can also choose as many DVD titles as you want from our DVD LIST to add to your DVD COLLECTION (HERE's part of mine). You used to have to pick them each one-by-one, but now you can just lock down on the CTRL key, and choose your entire DVD collection in one swoop. We're like ROBOCOP on crime 'round these parts.

That's it for now. Hopefully you enjoy the new additions, tell your friends about our growing movie community and tune in for the next batch o' upgrades, to start up and finish as soon as I come down from crashing after all these recent additions to the site. I'm gonna go sleep now. Goombye.

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