Mysterious James Gunn-produced horror movie set for November release

Before James Gunn was fired from GUARDIANS 3 after inappropriate jokes he made on Twitter ten years ago surfaced he was all set to unveil the new horror movie he produced at San Diego Comic-Con. After the controversy began to swirl there has been little word on the movie, with many wondering what its fate was. But though we still don’t know what the movie is, studio Sony has confirmed it’s still on track for a fall release.

After a release schedule made its way around the web listing an “Untitled James Gunn Horror Movie” on the docket, the studio confirmed to ScreenRant that they indeed intend to release the movie on November 30. We still have no clue what that movie is, but we do know it was produced by Gunn, was directed by David Yarovesky and stars Elizabeth Banks, who starred in Gunn’s 2006 horror flick SLITHER.

Gunn had been posting pics teasing the mystery project in Instagram, including one with an evil-looking symbol on July 18 before SDCC.


And that’s a WRAP on our #SpecialSecretHorrorProject. I can’t wait to feed you all the ghastly delights we’ve been cooking. Thanks to @briandgunn & Mark Gunn for dreaming all this up, @yarvoyarvo for his vision and leadership, @simonlikes & @thedanclifton for making it happen; our mind-blowing cast, @elizabethbanks, @david_denman, @mattjonesisdead, @merediththeweasel, Becky Wahlstrom, @jenniferlholland, @steveagee, @blackehart and OF COURSE @jacksondunn_ who had me laughing all day every day and then crying last night as it all came to an end. Thanks to @stevesparkle for making costumes and the Pajama Family, and @meggolandart for running the show and Mike D for painting it with light. Thanks @trixterfilm for traveling with me from raccoons with machine guns to buckets of blood, and @thcfilm, @niccrawley, @tessiegroff and KENNY for being the easiest company I’ve ever worked with. And to all of the rest of the cast and crew whose IG’s I don’t have who were so kind to me and who helped build this horrific machine as much as anyone. Thanks for putting up with me. I love you all, and you’re all the reason my eyes are filling with tears as I write this. 🌟

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Chances are we would’ve gotten a big reveal at SDCC, but after the Tweets came to light, resulting in Disney firing him from GUARDIANS, that’s basically what anyone has been talking about. Now that word is getting out about the movie’s release date perhaps we will get some kind of trailer and reveal from Sony soon.

The studio has probably been waiting for the heat to go down as the Gunn/Disney business has continued, hence the lack of news around the project. To what capacity they will advertise him as the producer, we don't know, but there has been a wave of support around Gunn from many in the industry, with other studios reportedly lining up to work with him. On that note, it's very possible Sony will proudly advertise their movie as "from producer James Gunn."

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