Mystique is feeling blue in her own First Class character trailer

Presumably thinking she was special enough to debut all by herself, there's a new character trailer for Mystique to join the ones for Banshee, Havoc and Beast I put up yesterday.

It shows that Mystique has been blue since childhood, but two of the other scenes with Beast are ones we've already seen. The end shows her getting a lesson in power training from Magneto himself, implying that she gravitates more toward his instruction.

As expected, I learned yesterday pretty much all of you disagree with me that I'm starting to fear FIRST CLASS might not end up being God's gift to the X-Men series, but I don't care, I'm standing my ground. If I'm wrong and the movie turns out to be Marvel's DARK KNIGHT, then you can laugh in my face later.

Check out the trailer below.

Extra Tidbit: This make-up just doesn't look as good as Romijn-Stamos's did way back in 2000.
Source: First Class



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