Name Carnahan's next!

Joe Carnahan has set up a pretty sweet little contest which is giving you the chance to choose the title for his SMOKIN' ACES prequel!

Click HERE to check the contest out in full, but here is the skinny on the movie's plot to get you going:

'A low level government analyst, with forty plus years working an FBI information post, is slated to be assassinated, for reasons unknown at an exact date and time within the next three days. A federal 'Grab Team' or close protection detail has been tasked with saving this man's life...'

...chaos ensues.'

People have already started posting their ideas, so if you want to take a stab at this, get on it! How about SMOKIN' ACES: WATCH THE MOVIE THEN GO DISCUSS IT ON JOBLO.COM? Carnahan currently has WHITE JAZZ, KILLING PABLO and BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING on his directorial plate. I guess work on the SMOKIN' ACES prequel is set to start after those are done and Carnahan has well and truly hit the big time.
Extra Tidbit: Since I'm a third generation Leeds United fan, the fact that Carnahan support Man United should make me hate him by default.



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