Naomie Harris says "there's a very good chance" of Daniel Craig's 007 return

Daniel Craig has the distinction as being known as one of the best, if not the best, Bonds we’ve ever had. Fans across the world want him to keep playing the spy extraordinaire,  but after each film the news begins to swirl regarding if he’ll return for more. Though we have yet to hear anything about the next Bond movie, Moneypenny actress and Oscar nominee for MOONLIGHT, Naomie Harris, put her two pence down and says we might not have to worry too much.

The actress sat down with the BBC after recently being given her OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from the mother [email protected] Queen, and she shared her opinions regarding the matter of his return, saying that everyone involved is fully aware the world wants him to stay in the tux, and hope "desperately" that we wants to as well:

I really don't think that they've [the studio] moved on from Daniel. I think there's a very good chance that Daniel will come back. I think it's way too early to be thinking about other people at this stage. I think the fact that the last two Bonds - Spectre and Skyfall - have been the highest-grossing Bond movies of all time shows that people love him as Bond, and they desperately want him to return. And I don't think Daniel is immune to that... I think he's very aware, so I think that adds an extra level of pressure. But he has to ultimately do what feels right to him. But I know that we, as a cast, collectively want him back. I know that Barbara and Michael - our producers - desperately want him back, so I think the only person that needs persuading is Daniel.

Back in October Craig came out and said that he is still wanted to play the character, saying he’s still down “as long I still get a kick out of it.” However, from what Harris is saying, the people involved with the movies still aren’t 100 percent sure if he’ll come back, but are eagerly waiting to get some kind of confirmation.  It’s easy to see why they want him to come back, too, seeing as how 2012’s SKYFALL was the first Bond to crack $1 billion, and 2015’s SPECTRE came pretty damn close, despite middling reviews. There’s just no stopping the Craig train.

Though Pierce Brosnan was the first Bond of my life, and the first I saw in theaters (DIE ANOTHER DAY), but Daniel Craig is certainly my generation's Bond. He brought a new toughness and sense of swagger to the role that made it as fresh as Sean Connery’s legendary take on the character. I truly hope he returns, because at this point it’s gonna be hard for me to embrace a Bond without eyes as blue as the mightiest glacier.

Watch to see if Naomie Harris will win her first Oscar this Sunday!

Source: BBC



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