Narnia 3 release date

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Disney may have dumped the C.S. Lewis adapted CHRONICLES OF NARNIA franchise when the sequel, PRINCE CASPIAN, didn't exactly burn up the box office with cash but Walden Media's new partner, Fox, is showing some cautious confidence in its potential as they've recently given the flick a cush December 10th, 2010 release. They could have chosen to give it a January or September dump but they're keeping the Christmas-ish release and likely hoping it'll rake in some decent cash. In this one, only Lucy and Edmund Pevensie find their way back to Narnia and along with their cousin Eustace and Prince Caspian, they mount the titular boat and face off against dragons, dwarves, and merfolk, before reaching the very edge of the world. Unless this flick makes like DARK KNIGHT cash at the box office, it's likely the last NARNIA flick we'll be seeing. That is, of course, until they remake all of them about ten or twenty years from now.

Extra Tidbit: Lewis wrote "Dawn Treader" in 1950 and it was published in 1952.
Source: Variety



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