NASA to honor Hidden Figures inspiration by naming new facility after her

NASA is planning to honor Katherine G. Johnson, one of the real-life inspirations behind the multi-award-winning film HIDDEN FIGURES, by naming their new research facility after her. Katherine, who was portrayed by Taraj P. Henson in the 2016 history drama, was known for being something of a "human computer" during her famous tenure at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Now, with the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility, the mathematician's legendary contributions to the space program will have yet another way to be remembered.

The ribbon cutting for the building happened over this past weekend, with many of Johnson's family members and friends there to witness the momentous occasion. The facility itself is located in NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia and is a part of the organization's 20-yar revitalization plan. The newly-named structure will feature state-of-the-art technology that will aid some of NASA's brightest minds as they explore the far reaches of space.

During the ribbon cutting event, Virginia Governer Terry McAuliffe expressed his gratitude toward Katherine by addressing her and saying, "You have been a trailblazer. When I think of Virginia and the history of what we’ve gone through … you’re at the top of that list”

Then, when asked about her feelings toward the honor, Katherine said, "You want my honest answer? I think they’re crazy," Later, when turning to the young engineers set to work inside the new building, Katherine imparted some sound advice by saying, “Like what you do and then you will do your best.”

Cheers to Katherine G. Johnson, I say! Her contributions to the space exploration program are nothing short of genius and this honor is well-deserved. Katherine is known for inspiring young girls of color to pursue careers in the sciences, and there's no telling who will be the next beautiful mind to help us reach for the farthest of stars.

Extra Tidbit: At the time of this article, Katherine is ninety-nine-years-old.
Source: Glamour



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