Natalie Portman is stunning in official trailer for Jackie

Now that we're in the full-swing of awards season, there are certain movies to keep an eye out for, and JACKIE starring Natalie Portman is certainly one of them. Focusing on Jacqueline “Jackie” Kennedy (Portman) as she struggles with the emotional turmoil she went through after losing her husband, John F. Kennedy, the film will show a side of the famous first lady we've never seen before. The official trailer dropped yesterday, but the rest of the world was too busy taking a bath in hot, gooey nostalgia with the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST trailer to really give it much attention. If you saw it then bully for you, but if not then now is the time to repent for your crimes.

Behold The Portman below!

Portman is a terrific actress and received her Oscar for Best Actress in BLACK SWAN years ago, but this looks like it’ll be her most challenging role yet. She’s a shoo-in this year for another Oscar nom for Best Actress, while the movie itself has also been met with tremendous acclaim. We’ve heard a lot about the assassination of JFK, but we'll get the most personal and intimate look at it yet with JACKIE. On that note the film looks absolutely haunting and honest, while Portman completely delves into the damaged emotional psyche of Kennedy. Biopics can often have the same shopworn feel, but with this trailer I sense we'll be seeing something truly different in JACKIE, and that alone makes it one of the must-sees of the year.

JACKIE hits theaters December 2 with Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, John Hurt, Greta Gerwig and Billy Crudup.

Source: Fox Searchlight



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