Natalie Portman & Rooney Mara look cool as hell in new Song to Song images

SONG TO SONG sees the enticing pairing of Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Rooney Mara and Natalie Portman in a film about music, love, mosh-pitting, smelly concert venues and more love. Terrence Malick hasn’t seen as much love since his 2011 film TREE OF LIFE, but the inclusion of this young cast of actors at the top of their game in a movie about the music industry could make for one of his bigger films. We’ll have no idea until it comes out, but until then here’s a bevy of new images from the movie with the members of the movie looking cool as [email protected]

The trailer for this movie looks particularly Malick-y, which may or may not be your thing. The man makes movies that target a very specific audience, and so you either dig his stuff or usually look the other way. I’m often in the latter category, but the cast of this movie – which is also set to include Batmen Christian Bale and Val Kilmer – is too good to ignore, and Gosling has already showcased his musical chops in LA LA LAND.  I’m still sort of on the fence, but I’m likely to fall onto the “seeing it” side now that I know Portman can lean on a wall like a champ.

SONG TO SONG debuts at SXSW March 10, before hitting theaters March 17.



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