Navigator gets remade

I may get my 80s-era fanboy membership card taken away for saying this but I was never a fan of FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR. I actually saw it in the movie theater (I think I might've been one of the only ones) and was routinely disappointed (in fairness it came out the same summer I saw LABYRINTH, TOP GUN and TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE). And while it pretty much tanked at the box-office, repeat showings on cable and VHS perpetuated a mild cult following and now Disney is looking to cash in with a remake.

Disney hopes for some RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN type action-y update with the new film, which will be written by Brad Copeland (WILD HOGS). And while I didn't care for the original, it does fit my "does it make sense to make a remake?" criteria. It was a flawed film with a solid premise: boy disappears one night and mysteriously returns eight years later not having changed at all. It's after this that the film takes a turn for the worse (and a bit too much like E.T.).

So I'm not a fan but for all you lovers out there, are you down with a remake or does this piss you off?

Extra Tidbit: Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens provided the voice for the spaceship's robotic pilot Max.
Source: THR



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