Nazis from the moon invade North America!

IRON SKY blew up after the trailer appeared online last week. Five million views in six days means that it was more popular than THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN or BATTLESHIP.

"It feels great to beat these films that have already spent more on marketing that the entire budget of Iron Sky. I see it as a sign of democratisation of entertainment, where the internet means a Finnish film can capture the interest of the viewing public. This is a victory to all European and independent filmmakers, and it's all thanks to our active online community" says director Timo Vuorensola.

It's hysterical to think that Berlin hosted the premiere to a Nazi scifi comedy and they got a standing ovation, but that's exactly what happened. Critics seem mixed on it, but the audience seemed to love it. Now IRON SKY has been grabbing distribution deals left and right. Most recently they're getting it out in Isreal through the country's biggest distributor Shoval (I can see it being a hit there...) and they've also just confirmed a theatrical release in North America through Entertainment One. 

SXSW will see the film's next screening, and then they're going to a tour in Finland. Soon the whole world will fight the Nazi menace.

Source: Iron Sky



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