NBR's Ten Best of 07

Awards junkies can officially start salivating - the National Board of Review, long the first organization to release its awards, has announced its Best 11 Films. Best 11 Films you say? Yes, I do say. 11. This year the NBR decided to come up with a Top 10 list that was exclusive of their top choice. So there's the Best Film of the Year and then there's the Top Ten. Which really aren't the Top 10 because another film is number one so they'd be the....nevermind. Taking home Best in Show was NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN which was named Best Picture of the Year. Others making the list included WHO'S YOUR CADDY, I KNOW WHO KILLED ME and WILD HOGS. No? That's not right? Oh, here's the correct list. JUNO...ATONEMENT...SWEENEY TODD...all pretty standard stuff with perhaps the exclusion of THERE WILL BE BLOOD, which is slightly ridiculous. As far as individual awards, Tim Burton was named Best Director for SWEENEY TODD and George Clooney and Casey Affleck took the Lead Actor and Supporting Actor trophies. To check out the full list of kudos (no, not those Kudos), head over to the official National Board of Review website.

Extra Tidbit: Of Ben Affleck winning Best Directorial Debut a former member recently said, "I promise you, the average membership is so old, feeble and generally unsavvy, that Ben Affleck is the only new director they can remember from the past 12 months."
Source: JoBlo.com



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