Near, far, wherever you are Titanic will be converted to 3D and released in 2012

Oh TITANIC. It only seems like yesterday when those two crazy kids found love aboard that majestic ship.

It's not the last we've seen of it. If you've been pinning for a three-dimensional look of that big ass ship colliding against a glacier, then your prayers have been answered. In April of 2012, TITANIC will be converted to 3D and re-released for the masses to enjoy. This is in honor of the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking.

Eh. How terribly unnecessary. I'm sure that's exactly how the survivors want to be remembered, with a crappy converted version of a really sappy movie. Don't get me wrong, that shit makes me cry, but the words "3D conversion" are scary. Maybe with James Cameron in charge it will look decent. However, that won't get me off my ass to go see it in theaters when it re-releases. I think the only TITANIC related thing I'm interested in would be the special features on a blu-ray. God knows when that's ever happening either.

This news came from an LA Times article on the 100th birthday of actress Gloria Stuart who played the elder Rose in the film. Cameron was there along with other celebrities to help Stuart blow out her candles. Stuart has been very close to Cameron and even played matchmaker between the director and his wife of 10 years, Suzy Amis (who played her Daughter in the film).

I remember people in middle school seeing this movie like 3 or 4 times in theaters, wonder how many times they'll see it in 3D?

Extra Tidbit: TITANIC 2 anyone?
Source: LA Times



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