Neill Blomkamp would love to direct an Iron Man film

Neill Blomkamp Iron Man MCU

You don't need to look all that hard at Neill Blomkamp's filmography to figure out that the director has an affinity for technological creations, with mechanized suits recurring frequently, so it should come as no surprise which Marvel Cinematic Universe character Blomkamp would most like a crack at. When asked on Twitter which MCU character he'd like to use if he ever got the chance to direct a Marvel movie, Neill Blomkamp expressed his love for Iron Man.

It's not hard to see why Neill Blomkamp would be attracted to the character, after all, a wonderful world of technological marvels and more Iron Man suits than you can shake a Hulk at would be difficult to ignore. Obviously this is just a bit of what-if, but part of me is quite curious to see what Blomkamp could do with the character. Perhaps someone else could jump in to assist with the script. Just saying.

Neill Blomkamp hasn't directed a feature-film since CHAPPIE, whose critical and commercial failure he described as "unbelievably painful for me," but he's kept quite busy in the meantime, setting up an entire studio to produce experimental shorts. With a series of smaller shorts, and four larger shorts over twenty minutes, Blomkamp's Oats Studios has given the director the opportunity to do whatever he can dream of, with everything he needs under one roof. As for where the future of Oats Studios is headed, that's still up in the air.

I think that if we ended up doing what I want to do there isn’t really something I can point to that’s like it at the moment. What it would be is that it’s able to and funded to make entire feature films from beginning to end. If you look at RAKKA now that’s 20 minutes – if you scaled that up and wrote a 120-page screenplay – the quality of the production within it would be easy to scale it up. Because we made four it means that we made 80 minutes of content. It’s not difficult for us to execute 120 minutes of content. That isn’t hard. What is much more difficult is creating some kind of infrastructure where the audience has the ability to fuel us and fund us to do that; that is like way more difficult. But, if they do do that, if we can raise enough capital directly from the audience because they’re into we’re making then at the scale we’re at now we can make feature films. So, my absolute very crystal clear goal is to make features based on the insanity of the smaller kind of album of the volumes that we release of just continues different ideas. All of which are fueled by the audience.

Would you like to see Neill Blomkamp direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe film?

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