Netflix announces premieres for Sense8, Wet Hot American Summer, and more

With HOUSE OF CARDS already binged by tons of fervent fans and DAREDEVIL just about a month away, Netflix has revealed the premiere dates for several shows and specials that should keep viewers satiated for the next several months.  With a couple of new shows and the return of a fan favorite, here is what you will likely be watching on the popular streaming service.

First up will be Andy and Lana Wachowski's first television series, SENSE8, which will debut on June 5th.  Here is the synopsis:

One gunshot, one death, one moment out of time that irrevocably links eight minds in disparate parts of the world, putting them in each other’s lives, each other’s secrets, and in terrible danger. Ordinary people suddenly reborn as “Sensates.”

Coming back for season three will be ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.  The prison-set comedy/drama will debut on June 12th.  Just under a week later on June 17th, the prequel series WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: FIRST DAY OF CAMP will unleash the star-studded batch of episodes featuring Paul Rudd, amy Poehler, Christopher Meloni, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, and many more. 

Netflix will also debut original specials premiering in the coming months include “Chris D’Elia: Incorrigible” on April 17; “Jen Kirkman: I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)” on May 22 and “What Happened, Miss Simone” on June 26.

There is no new word on when we will see AKA JESSICA JONES or other Marvel series, but they say it will be in this calendar year.  This is the most original programming for Netflix since it starting streaming homegrown series a few years ago.  Hopefully the new shows continue the quality we have come to expect from the service.

Source: Netflix



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