Netflix releases new clips for animated dark comedy Bojack Horseman

BOJACK HORSEMAN is probably one of my favorite animated - no shows, period - airing right now. It's hilarious, such as its parody of flashbacks with scenes set it in an over-the-top 2007, the running gag of the Hollywoo sign, and the punchline to the mostly-silent underwater episode last season. But, beyond that, it's also one of the most emotionally resonant and gut-punchingly depressing shows out there, with the fate of teen idol Sarah Lynn being one of the most fucked up things I've seen recently (and that includes the spoilers aunt sex climax of this season's finale of GAME OF THRONES).

So I'm definitely looking forward to binging out the new season once my shift ends. But until then, here are some clips:

Meanwhile, you can stream BOJACK HORSEMAN on Netflix right now!

Extra Tidbit: Paul F. Tompkins actually bought a real suit based on the shiny one Mr. Peanutbutters (who he voices) wears as a game show host in season 2.
Source: YouTube



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