Netflix sci-fi thriller Arq releases new trailer and poster

Netflix has been f*cking killing it lately. STRANGER THINGS, BOJACK HORSEMAN, LITTLE PRINCE (not to mention older successes like HOUSE OF CARDS). All classic, all great. This brings us to Netflix's new original film, a sci-fi thriller called ARQ, written and directed by Tony Elliot (ORPHAN BLACK) and starring Robbie Amell (THE FLASH) and Rachael Taylor (JESSICA JONES). Here's the synopsis:

In a future where corporations battle against sovereign nations over the last of the world’s energy supplies, young engineer Renton and Hannah find themselves attempting to save an experimental energy technology that could end the wars. The catch is, the technology has created a time loop that causes them to relive a deadly home invasion over and over again. They must figure out how to stop the time loop and come out of it alive.

So the film looks...okay? I mean, the concept is solid, but everything just seems...cheap and VOD. I mean, I know Netflix is streaming, but with STRANGER THINGS and HOUSE OF CARDS, most of their stuff has been at the very least visually arresting (however, they also greenlit HEMLOCK GROVE and THE RANCH, so...) But like I said the concept is solid (sort of a sci-fi version of GROUNDHOG DAY meets THE STRANGERS) and the cast seems game. I just hope that the film lives up to it.

ARQ will be released on September 16, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: Robbie Amell and Steven Amell are both cousins, and are both on CW superhero shows (THE FLASH and ARROW, respectively)
Source: Netflix



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