Netflix will host Billy Eichner 's first stand-up comedy special

Netflix has just booked DIFFICULT PEOPLE, BOB'S BURGERS, and PARKS AND RECREATION alum Billy Eichner for his first stand-up comedy special.

For the show, the Emmy-nominated host of BILLY ON THE STREET will deliver a variety-style performance filled with comedy, music, political outrage, pop culture take downs, and some brand-new segments of his fast-paced walkabout interview show, BILLY ON THE STREET. While Eichner and Netflix have yet to set a date for the special, all is expected to head into production sometime in 2018.

In the past, Eichner has appeared on such television comedies as UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, Netflix's FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE, Hulu's DIFFICULT PEOPLE, and most recently, FX's macabre AMERICAN HORROR STORY drama, in which he stars as the character Harrsion Wilton / Tex Watson. The ornery Eichner now joins an ever-increasing list of comedians (such as Chris Rock, Jerry SeinfeldDave Chappelle and Amy Schumer) who've chosen the mega-popular streaming service as the platform with which to distribute their latest onslaught of jokes to the masses.

Stay tuned for when more information regarding Billy Eichner's first comedy special is made available.  



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