Neve to Scream again

Amidst reports and rumors of his company's deterioration, veteran producer Bob Weinstein is putting his focus on revisiting past genre franchises... and praying audiences will want to as well.

Dimension is bringing a number of familiar horror properties back to life next year, including SCREAM 4 -- which according to Variety has somehow roped original trilogy star Neve Campbell back to deal with a new murderous Ghostface (or two or three). Courteney Cox and David Arquette are already on board, and the company is also trying to get director Wes Craven back for what could be the first of a new trilogy.

The studio is also quickly pushing HALLOWEEN 3D into the pipe, with director Patrick Lussier (MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D) planning to squeeze it in before he takes Nic Cage on a road rampage in the 3D action flick DRIVE ANGRY early next year. Surprisingly, Dimension actually wants to release a HALLOWEEN in October this time.

Dimension is also working on a new CHILDREN OF THE CORN (unrelated to the Sci-Fi Syfy Channel's impending version), and sequels/remakes of HELLRAISER, SCANNERS and AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (Nooooo!!!). For projects with a bit less crimson, they're also getting Robert Rodriguez to churn out another SPY KIDS, and are jumpstarting Johnny 5 for a remake of SHORT CIRCUIT.

The studio is (finally) releasing THE ROAD in November, and the 3D update of PIRANHA in April.

Extra Tidbit: Considering the first SCREAM was essentially a satire of a genre that has since been ceaselessly satirized, is there an interesting way to do another SCREAM now?
Source: Variety



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