New 20-second teaser and motion poster for The Wolverine slashes online

Yeah, I know, this teaser for a teaser for a teaser business is annoying, but it is what it is.  Today, we have a 20-second tease to tide you over until the full trailer scheduled for release tomorrow. It features an extension of the footage shown in the 6-second teaser (which I felt was a better tease than this one, strangely) with lots of dirty looks from Logan (Hugh Jackman) and some  ninja gangster tussling.  Nothing too sexy here, so don't get too excited (or let down, as there's more to see tomorrow).

Take a peek:

Additionally, the second full motion poster has been revealed, which is kinda cool, but I don't really get the significance of the "onscreen" action other than it just being a bunch of debris flying around.  Perhaps that's the point, I'm not sure. I don't hate the posters from yesterday and see where they were going with the designs, I just don't think they were executed the best possible way.  

Check it out:

THE WOLVERINE slashes into theaters on July 26, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Is your excitement meter higher or lower today?
Source: MTV



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