New 30 Minutes or Less clip showcases a middle school teaching Aziz

Perhaps I'm biased since I got to visit the set and meet everyone involved, but I think 30 MINUTES OR LESS is going to be pretty damn funny. Ruben Fleischer did great work on ZOMBIELAND and a bank robbing comedy seems like an inherently funny idea. Add to that a great cast and it should be a lot of fun.

Amidst all the Twilight of this weekend's MTV Movie Awards, they managed to debut a new clip from the film, one that expands on a scene from the trailer. It's an expansion of the scene where a bomb-strapped Eisenberg comes to Aziz Ansari's school to ask for help. It's particularly funny to see what it would be like if Aziz Ansari was your middle school teacher, and the texting bit is great.

Check it out for yourself below, and 30 MINUTES hits theaters later this summer in August.

Extra Tidbit: Aziz Ansari told me he watched HEAT about 20 times to prep for this movie.
Source: MTVTHR



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