New A-Team clip explores what makes a tank fly

You've seen it as the most ridiculous part of the trailer, where a plane explodes and the A-TEAM is forced to parachute out in a spare tank they happen to have on board. But when jets start shooting out their parachutes, Face (Bradley Cooper) sticks his head out and starts shredding the planes with a mounted gun as they float down to the earth.

Now via IGN, we have an extended clip of this scene, and it straddles the line between intense action, and insane idiocy. I'm not sure which side it ultimately lands on. The flying tank scene is absurd enough by itself, so is it really necessary to have Bradley Cooper screaming like he just inhaled a brick of cocaine? 

Check out the clip below, and decide if you think this movie is going to be good crazy or bad crazy.

Extra Tidbit: I have faith in Liam Neeson. Even after CLASH OF THE TITANS. The man seldom steers me wrong.
Source: IGN



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