New ads everywhere want an Oscar for Andy Serkis

Here's a look at the form Fox's Oscar campaign for Andy Serkis is taking: a series of banner ads spread across a ton of major film sites like Variety and THR saying that "Now is the time" for an actor to earn a nomination for motion capture work.

The campaign had just been talk until now, but with these plastered all over the internet, I have a hunch that things are going to work out for Serkis. The Academy always wants to seem hip with the times and get people talking about it as viewership numbers have flagged in recent years, and this would be something to gather buzz if he was nominated. In fact, it's the only reason we're talking about the Oscars now at all, so it's already working.

I think they could have picked a better set of photos for the below ad, as Serkis has a snarl on his face that doesn't quite match Caesar's expression, but still, I like the thought.

Extra Tidbit: It's not just the tech though, it's the performance as well. Like as good as the facial capture was, no one in AVATAR deserved an Oscar nod in the least.
Source: CMB



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