New Amazing Spider-Man toys reveal first look at The Lizard


Sometime the marketing teams don't quite work together, and toys reveal story details and character designs that the film guys have been trying to keep under wraps.  

Such was the case last month, when a Pez dispnser (of all things!) gave us the first look at the design for The Lizard in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Today we find out that the design was indeed spot-on, since we have the first real look at him via the remote controller for the above mini-quad. What do you folks think?

Besides this there's another toy that reveals a minor spoiler for the film, so AVERT YOUR EYES, spoiler-phobes!

Below is a Mega Blocks playset that comes with figures of Spider-Man, Lizard, and... Swat Lizard? Yes, it seems that there's some truth to the rumor that there will be more than one Lizard after all, and that Dr. Connor will transform an entire SWAT team into his own leathery-skinned goon squad.

Perhaps we'll have better looks at all these leaping lizards in the next trailer for the film. 


Source: Idle Hands



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