New Angry Birds trailer shows a bit of rage starting to take flight

I know, I know... some of you aren't interested in hearing about THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE, because you've already written off the idea of a movie based on the Angry Birds game on general principle. However, after taking a look at the latest trailer that's come in from Sony Pictures, I think you'd be wrong to cast this one aside thinking there isn't something here that won't entertain the kids and maybe even give you a laugh or two. It might not be anywhere near as bad as you initially thought.

The latest trailer for THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE offers up a bit more story - an outcast who is trying to warn the rest of his community about suspicious visitors - while also giving a taste of the clever destruction to come as an necessary element leftover from the source material. I will admit to getting a chuckle here and there throughout, particularly the last gag of this recent look. And knowing that my kids are going to be begging to see this one come summer (I imagine some of you are in the same boat), it's a good sign that I at least found some entertainment value in what awaits.

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE opens on May 20.

Source: Sony Pictures



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