New Baywatch trailer reminds you this is indeed Baywatch, you p***y

A month or so ago the BAYWATCH trailer debuted, and it either reaffirmed people’s doubts, or surprised viewers with its abundance of humor and potential silliness. Chances are the promotion for the film will gear towards pushing it as the next 21 JUMP STREET, filled with vulgarity and self-referential humor. The second trailer showcases a bit more of the aforementioned naughty language, and demonstrates how ridiculousness the movie has the potential to be.


May will be filled with plenty of blockbuster hits, and then there’s this movie. I’m not saying Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron fans, and men lying to their wives about where they are won’t turn out for the movie, I’m just saying I have no idea how it will do. If it succeeds at bringing laughs and absurdity then it will probably find a large audience, but if it’s met with lukewarm reception it will most likely drown alone and scared in the middle of the summer ocean. It’s a grim thought, but I don’t make up the show business analogies.

BAYWATCH swims into theaters May 26.

Source: Paramount



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