New blood-soaked trailer for Rob Zombie's horror flick 31

You know how some directors have certain quirks and motifs that show up in all their movies? Stanley Kubrick with angular compositions, Steven Spielberg with absentee fathers, Michael Bay with misogyny?

Well, add gore, clowns, and Sheri Moon Zombie in revealing outfits to the list of quirks that seem to show up in (almost) all of Rob Zombie's films. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. You do you, Mr. Zombie. You do you. If you like what the man sells, you should enjoy this entree of disgusting treats:

While I haven't jumped on board the Zombie train when it comes to his films, I do love Rob Zombie's music (Hellbilly Deluxe is still one of my favorite albums), so I keep giving his movies a chance. He definitely has an eye and a vision, and (like a Burton or a Gilliam) you always know you're watching a Zombie film when it's on. Our own Chris Bumbray saw the flick at Sundance and seemed to enjoy it (his review here).

31, directed by Rob Zombie (natch), comes out in select theaters October 21st (right on time for Halloween!)

So what's everyone's favorite Rob Zombie flick?

Extra Tidbit: Rob Zombie and his old band White Zombie make a cameo in the 1994 flick AIRHEADS.
Source: Lionsgate



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